Directions Between Campuses

DCU is comprised of 5 campuses, 3 academic campuses Glasnevin Campus, St. Patrick’s Campus and All Hallows Campus as well as DCU Sports Campus and DCU Innovation Campus. You may have to travel between campuses at some stage and this page will help you do so!


All 5 campuses are approximately midway between Dublin city centre , Dublin Airport and both the M50 and M1 motorways. They are within a 2.5 km radius of each other. Glasnevin campus is located in Glasnevin whereas St. Pat’s campus and All Hallows campus are located in Drumcondra. You can walk between these campuses in about half an hour. Typically most of your lectures will take place in one campus but you may have to travel to another campus at some stages for elective modules or end of semester exams. There are a number of public transport options available between campuses but you can also walk or even cycle if you would prefer.


Click this link for walking directions between the Glasnevin Campus and St. Pats campus.

Click this link for walking directions between St. Pats campus and All Hallows Campus.

Click this link for walking directions between Glasnevin Campus and All Hallows Campus.

Cycling and Walking Routes between DCU Campuses

Additional information and links

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