Welcome to DCU

Congratulations on earning your place in DCU! We hope you feel a warm welcome into our DCU community. This webpage acts as a toolkit will hopefully provide you with the tools and tips needed to succeed in your time here in DCU.



In DCU you’ll be able to study subjects that really interest you, and you’ll be able to find people who share your passions. Student life is about more than just lectures. You’ll have the chance to explore new hobbies, meet people from other cultures, and take part in campus life. You’ll have a range of ways to take part, whether it’s through joining a club, volunteering, playing sport or getting involved with the student union. You may not feel like being involved in lots of activities beyond your course – sometimes getting coursework done and spending time with classmates can be more than enough to keep you busy. However, if you have time and energy there is bound to be an activity that you’d enjoy.

Practical tips

This video was created by AHEAD, an independent non-profit organisation working to creative inclusive environments in education and employment for people with disabilities. Learn more about AHEAD and the work they do here.

Additional information and links

Discover DCU

When you have an offer of a place at DCU you will receive access to Discover DCU, DCU’s online transition and learning skills programme. Discover DCU is a series of 8 short interactive courses designed to help get you settled in and introduce you to the tools and skills you need to succeed at university. For more info and to access Discover DCU, see here.

Your Personal Profile

Each student has their own set of needs when it comes to attending lectures, studying or sitting exams. Students on the autism spectrum may experience particular challenges relating to their sensory environment, communication or task completion. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the words to communicate this to university staff. DCU have an online profile form specifically for autistic students which offers you the chance to share the small things that may have a huge impact on their ability to engage fully with student life. Consider sharing it with staff from the Disability & Learning Support Service by completing the online form. There are approximately fifteen short questions. Click here to start writing your personal profile.

If you would like to learn more about the Disability and Learning Support Service click here.

You can learn more about the Student’s Union here.