The Disability and Learning Support Service

DCU offers a range of services and supports for all students with a disability, specific learning difficulty or long term medical condition. This service is coordinated by the Disability & Learning Support Service.


The Disability and Learning Support Service aim to create an environment that promotes equality, independence and success for students with disabilities and diverse learning needs in DCU.  In line with best practice guidelines they coordinate a range of supports for students who are registered with the service to ensure they have equity of access to their studies. Students located on all campuses have access to our supports provided across the multi-campus environment.


Services Provided by the Disability and Learning Support Service

While the support available is based on individual needs, they may include some of the following:

  • Educational Needs Assessment
  • Occupational Therapist-led Support
  • Personal Assistants
  • Assistive technology and alternative format service
  • Examination support

For more information on the supports that DCU Disability and Learning Support Service provide click here

Registering with Disability and Learning Support Service

All students wishing to avail of academic supports while studying in DCU must register with the DLSS. Students should register with the service as soon as they start their studies in DCU. Disability Officers are available on the Glasnevin Campus and St. Patrick’s Campus.

To find more information on how to register with Disability and Learning Support click here

To see a list of contacts in Disability and Learning Support Service click here 

Additional information and links

For information on Academic Supports click here.

For information on Exam Supports please click here.

For information on Occupational Therapy (OT) Support please click here.

For information on Assistive Technology please click here.

The JAM Card

DCU have become the first university to introduce the JAM Card across their campuses. The JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily. Those with a communication barrier are often reluctant or unable to tell others about their condition. JAM Card allows this to happen in a simple, effective non-verbal manner.

If you would like to use one of these cards you can pick one up in the Student Advice Centre or the DLSS offices.

Alternatively you can download the JAM Card app for Apple here or on Google Play here.

If you would like some tips on how to tell the university that you are autistic you can click here.

If you would like to learn more about DCU’s Autism Friendly University project you can read about it here.

There are a number of quiet and sensory spaces across DCU campuses, you can find out more about these here.