Clubs and Societies

There are over 150 clubs and socs currently in DCU. Whether you’re vegan, love animals, Harry Potter fan or you have a passion for Ultimate Frisbee; you are likely to find a club or society to suit your interests.


There are over 150 Clubs & Societies in DCU spread across campuses and they cater for all interests, hobbies and passions. You can even set up your own! From developing existing skills to trying something completely new, joining a DCU club or society is one of the best decisions you will make in DCU. Involvement in club and society activity gives you a welcome break from your academic studies and the skills and competencies gained through committees and other organisational work will really enhance your CV and give you that extra edge in the your future career. In addition, being involved in DCU clubs and societies will enhance your social life and help you make lifelong friends as well as creating memories to treasure for life.  To see a full list of all the clubs and societies available in DCU click here.

Neurodivergent Society

Students in DCU have founded a Neurodivergent Society for students who are, for example; autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic or/and have mental health challenges. They are the first society of their kind across Europe. This society aims to provide a sense of community where everybody is accepted and supported for who they are. You can follow them on instagram @neurodivergentsocdcu or like their page on facebook here.   They were voted the Best new Society 2019.  Read more about the neurodivergent society, their values and what they do here.

The Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is the umbrella body for the Students’ Union, Clubs and Societies in Dublin City University. The aim of the Office of Student Life is to promote and enhance the student experience outside the classroom by providing opportunities for student growth, leadership and development and it provides the financial and administrative platform for the Students’ Union and Clubs & Societies in DCU.

The Office works with the University to complement the traditional academic mission, by supporting recognized clubs and societies and the Students’ Union and by encouraging creative learning and leadership development. The OSL has a base on both Glasnevin Campus  (The Hub) and St Patrick’s Campus, (D112).  These spaces have staff and facilities, including meeting rooms, computer facilities, and many other support services. In early Semester 2, the fantastic new Student Centre will open and this will revolutionise student life in DCU, with new meeting spaces,  debating spaces, a purpose-built radio station and many other facilities for Clubs and Socs.

Practical tips

Other Ways to Meet People in DCU

Making friends can be tricky for anyone and at any time, but the first semester at university is a big period of change and adaptation and the social and routine-based aspects of autism can make things a little bit harder. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but as with so many things, it can just take a bit more work for autistic people and it’s easy to avoid getting on with it. Knowing how to meet new people is a great way to start.

  • Working or Volunteering on Campus.
  • Form your own Club or Society!
  • Joining the gym in DCU Sport Centre and attending classes there.
  • Taking the opportunity to get to know your classmates better during group work.
  •  Getting to know friends of friends is a great way to expand your social circles.
  • Form or join a study group.
  •  Remember, most people starting in university for the first time feel intimidated by the idea of making new friends.

Additional information and links

If you would like to learn more about the Student’s Union you can click here.